New Edition of my ebook on creative process, New Title!

Work of Art: The Craft of Creativity as I Know It is the new edition and title of my book on creative process. It’s still FREE and it’s available now on Smashwords. Give it about 4 or 5 days to reach the other online retailers.

I’m excited because this new title really reflects the original intent of this book. It’s about the methods, systems, and processes that allow us to turn great ideas into something tangible, real-world, and awesome.

This book shares the concepts that I’ve used as a college teacher to help my students discover their own ideas and to do the work necessary to make those ideas happen.

The ideas in this book have been tested and used by hundreds of students over more than two decades. It is based on the methods and systems that my students and I have used to create operas, documentaries, solo and ensemble concerts, experimental intermedia productions, albums, and symphonic works.

This book is full of really practical suggestions to help anyone be more effective at the craft of creativity!

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