The Creative Edge Books publishes eBooks and print titles on creativity and inspiration for artists and innovators. Three books are currently available by musician, filmmaker, and author James Hegarty. Our books approach creativity from an individual perspective and each seeks to encourage everyone to pursue the fulfillment and implementation of their ideas. The Creative Edge series is practical, hip, and entirely real-world.  A double shot of inspiration and the tools to make something amazing happen. 

WORK OF ART: The Craft of Creativity is about how to discover extraordinary ideas and bring them into reality.  This book explains creativity as a practical process – the methods and abilities – that applies to any discovery and development situation.

THE INSPIRATION NOTEBOOK: Over 100 Ways to Begin is a collection of inspiring ideas and provocations to get you going. Fill the pages with ideas of your own, tear out the best stuff and tape it to the wall!

THE ARTIST WITHIN is a collection of riffs on living and working as a creative artist. Through examples drawn from history, popular culture, and the author’s own experiences, Hegarty inspires and encourages everyone to develop their own unique creative identity.

Comments from readers:

“I just read ten pages on identity and I am hooked :)”

“You inspire me and I know you will inspire others with this book.”

“Honestly, I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly creative person, but I’m seeing that there are lots of different approaches to get the juices flowing.”

“Your book is very cool. The writing style works so well with the content. A couple of ideas I really enjoyed…”